About Us

In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin for the purpose of creating a better trading platform than bank platform. With its advantages, Bitcoin has confirmed its value at the peak of December 2017 with the highest recorded value of over $ 20,000.

Bitmash was founded in the year 2016, which was operating in the field of providing payment solutions and cryptocurrency mining. Iceland, which has a cold climate and abundant energy resources, is chosen as the site of Bitmash's factory. We have professional technicians who are ready to deal with any problems that arise to ensure that the equipment is operating optimally.

After the boom of the cryptocurrency market in 2017, we believe many people already know and want to invest in this market. In August 2018, Bitmash.co was formatived to help investors easily enter this potential market. Bitmash.co provides cloud mining services. Bitcoin and Ethereum are being supported on this platform.

Bitmash is negotiating and planning to build a clean energy supply for the plant by 2020. That helps us to reduce costs and optimize returns for investors.

With Bitmash.co you can start participating in just 5 minutes. Get started with Bitmash today.